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Thursday, April 27 2017 @ 10:24 PM AST

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Overturned gas tanker clogs eastbound highway

General News
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Community Development Ministry celebrates Christmas

General News

The following is the address (verbatim) delivered by Community Development Minister, the Honourable Nizam Baksh at the Ministry's Christmas luncheon on December 10, 2010.

Protocols observed.

Merry Christmas. It is really good to have you all here. I want to thank you all for joining us today, as we formally observe the Christmas season here at the Ministry of Community Development. This is a very exciting time here at the Ministry, for me, and for our Community Development family.

Looking around, at the décor both here and inside the building, you can understand why this is one of my favourite times of the year.
Staff got together to make this event happen. They planned the programme. They organised the decorations, the menu, the parang, and the carols you have heard and will be hearing during the rest of the day. In many ways, this is really what the Ministry of Community Development is all about. It is a people’s ministry. It is a Ministry spread all across the country. It is Ministry where everyone feels welcome. This is the Ministry that embodies the First of Government’s Seven Interconnected Pillars for Sustainable Development, “We Need Everyone and All Can Contribute – People-Centred Development.”
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Roads and bridges to get further upgrade in 2011

General News

The sum of $643.8 million has been allocated in Government’s 2011Public Sector Investment Programme for the upgrade and expansion of the roads and bridges network throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The National Highway Programme will continue with $31million in funding from general revenues. The areas of focus will be:

• Continuation of rehabilitation of 25 kilometre road and reconstruction of eight bridges

• Develop and implement the RMMS in two districts in Tobago

• Construction of permanent weigh stations at Wallerfield and Couva

• Preparations for the transition to the Roads Authority

• Preparation of preliminary designs for several additional new trunk roads from Princes Town to Moruga, Sangre Grande to Toco, Penal to Guayaguayare and Manzanilla to Mayaro

The overall allocation for the Programme for Upgrading Road Efficiency (PURE) in fiscal year 2011 is $248 million. The focus of the programme will be to continue road construction and rehabilitation projects throughout the country, including the rehabilitation and construction of additional lanes and shoulders, walkovers, bridges and landslip repair. Key projects targeted in fiscal 2011 include:
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Government upgrades roads and bridges in 2010

General News

Under government’s Public Sector Investment Programme, the total investment in the upgrading and improvement of the roads and bridges network amounted to $628.9 million. The IDB-assisted National Highways Programme (NHP) came to a close in December 2009. In fiscal year 2010, expenditure on the Programme amounted to $61.9 million. Major achievements included:

• Completion of approximately 260 kilometres of roads and 52 bridges

• Reinstatement and stabilization of failed slopes at all 23 landslip sites targeted

• Completion of extension of the Diego Martin Highway by approximately 1.2 kilometres from Sierra Leone Road to Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard

• Commencement of improvement works on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway from O’Meara Road to Wallerfield (approximately 8.8 kilometres)

• Completion of the feasibility Study/Design for 4 major trunk roads totalling 135 kilometres

• Advancement of Institutional Strengthening/Technical Assistance activities with approval of Trinidad Routine Road Maintenance (RRM) Action Plan and Financial Resources, THA’s approval for Tobago’s Action Plan and Financial Resources

• Approval of strategic direction for Highway Administration reforms

• Installation and configuration of the Resource Maintenance Management System (RMMS) software in Trinidad and Tobago

• Completion of the RMMS Pilot in the Caroni district and partial completion of the Pilot in the St. George East and St. George West districts

• Completion of the weigh control plan for highways and procurement of temporary scales

• Advancement of a proposal for the establishment of a Road Authority to assume management of the roads in the country and a Road Fund Board and the appointment of a Management Team to oversee transition to the new organization
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Land, air and sea transport to be upgraded in 2011

General News

Transport and communication infrastructure is fundamental to economic and social development. In light of this, an overall allocation of $182.1 million has been made in the 2011 Public Sector Investment Programme for development of the enabling infrastructure. Projects and programmes are planned for implementation in the areas of land, air and sea transport, as well as systems geared to facilitate improved delivery of government administrative services. Improvements at the nation’s airports will be continued with an allocation of $30 million to the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. Activities will focus on the following:

• Procurement and installation of incinerators at Crown Point and Piarco to burn biodegradable and non-recyclable waste

• Commencement of construction of perimeter roadway and fence line at Crown Point and Piarco with an allocation of $10 million

• Completion of the North Terminal Food and Beverage Court to meet Public Health and Safety Regulations

• Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

• Installation of Security Systems (CCTV and Access Control Systems)

• Provision of parking for bonafide airport taxis and facilities for local food vendors at the Airport Landside Transit mall
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Ministry of Community Development hosts Parang Show on Brian Lara Promenade

General NewsThe Best Village Unit of the Ministry of Community Development, under the auspices of the Honourable Nizam Baksh, Minister of Community Development, today hosted its first ever “Parang On D’Promenade” between Chacon and Abercromby Streets in Port of Spain. The Show began promptly at 3:00 pm as began as all were invited to join the Ministry in its effort to entertain the public while promoting its programmes and services.

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Minister Baksh to address Prema Shakti

General News

The Prema Shakti Dancers and Theatre Productions will host its fund-raising concert entitled “Aaja Nachle 2k10” at the Divali Nagar Site in Chaguanas on Saturday December 4, 2010 from 7.00 pm. The Honourable Nizam Baksh, Minister of Community Development, will attend the concert and deliver an address.

The show is designed to highlight the talent of this group of performers from the Balmain area and includes over eleven spectacular dance performances as well as a live band and interactive segments for the audience. It is the third Aaja Nachle being hosted by the group, which has been in existence for the past eight years, positively promoting culture in the forms of dance and theatre. Its events bring forth talent from within and around the community of Chaguanas and Central Trinidad.

Proceeds from the event will go towards completion of a dance studio for the group located in Balmain, Couva. The studio has been under construction since the group’s last Aaja Nachle concert held in 2008.

CREDITS: Information sourced from a release issued by the Prema Shakti Dancers & Theatres Productions
Photo of dance performance courtesy the Ministry of Community Development
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Government focuses on air, land and sea transport in 2010

General News

In fiscal year 2010, expenditure on equipment and infrastructure to facilitate air, land and sea transport amounted to $136.6 million from at allocated $178 million. Under its Public Sector Investment Programme, improvement in Public Transportation Services continued with an overall expenditure of $32.6 million. A total of 85 new buses were acquired by the Public Transport Service Corporation at a cost of $25 million. The Corporation also carried out upgrades and refurbishment works at bus shelters and passenger facilities at Arima, Rio Claro and the Port of Spain Maxi Taxi facility and cleaning of electrical power systems and improvement of operating infrastructure to meet OSHA standards. Expenditure on these activities amounted to $7.6 million.

Infrastructural works and system improvements continued at the nation’s airports. At Piarco, the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) utilized $21.2 million of its $21.7 million allocation. Activities include the upgrade of the electrical system at a cost of $7.2 million to provide full emergency backup power at the North Terminal building. Also, $3 million was spent on repairs to the perimeter fence line and roadway at Piarco. The Piarco Runway Improvement Programme, the North Terminal Food and Beverage Court and obtaining of licenses for the computerized system of the (AATT), accounted for the remaining expenditure. Several other projects planned for fiscal year 2010 were rescheduled to fiscal year 2011 to facilitate this project.
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Housing Sector in Tobago to be upgraded in 2011

General News

The housing sector in Tobago has been allocated $31.2 million under the Housing and Settlements Expansion Programme to continue implementation of approximately 17 projects, as part of Government’s Public Sector Investment Programme 2011. These include home construction, disbursement of home improvement subsidies and grants and home ownership housing subsidies.

Provision has been made for implementation of new initiatives involving the revitalization of Milford Court Commercial Plaza and construction of a facility to accommodate the elderly in the Delaford/L’Anse Fourmi area.

Other activities are scheduled to continue as follows:

• $19 million to facilitate reimbursement of the Housing Development Corporation, HDC and continue construction of housing units at Castara, Blenheim and Adventure

• $0.5 million for construction of a 400-foot box drain at Signal Hill Housing Estate

• Preparation of designs for a Home Owners Association building under the Roxborough Town Expansion Programme

• Preparation of designs and infrastructural works for Charlotteville Village Expansion and Mt. Irvine and Shirvan Road Housing Developments

• Commencements of developments at Belle Garden, Courland and Adelphi Estates

• Financial assistance for home completion

• $6 million for disbursement of grants and subsidies for home repairs

CREDITS: Information sourced from Government’s publication “Facing the Issues: Turning the Economy Around”
Photo by Yuya Tamai

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Government Housing programme continues for Tobago in 2010

General News

Government, as part of its ongoing Public Sector Investment Programme catered to an ever-increasing demand in Tobago for services from the Settlement Department in 2010. The population on the sister isle benefitted from various programmes undertaken in fiscal year 2010 geared towards meeting the housing needs of residents, in particular the significant group who fell outside the market for commercial mortgages.

The Department of Settlements, Tobago House of Assembly was allocated $41.9 million to continue its mandate to address the housing needs of Tobagonians. The sum of $31.5 million was utilized for continuation of works at four (4) major housing developments: Roxborough, Blenheim, Castara and Adventure. Roxborough (renamed Renaissance of Roxborough) was completed and is now home to approximately sixty (60) families while the other developments were nearing completion. The sewer treatment plant at Adventure Housing Estate was successfully completed in June 2010.

The Home Improvement Grant and Subsidy programmes disbursed $6 million to assist approximately 400 beneficiaries to effect necessary upgrades to existing homes. Other achievements included:

• Assignment and occupation of the Quadlock House at Milford Court, Bon Accord Housing Development

• Selection of a site at Buccoo for the construction of a Greenheart House

• Hosting of a series of community meetings

• Distribution of twenty (20) state grants to residents of former National Housing Authority (NHA) developments

CREDITS: Information sourced from Government’s publication “Facing the Issues: Turning the Economy Around”
Photo courtesy