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Wednesday, April 26 2017 @ 07:55 AM AST

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With hopes still pinned on Baha Mar, The Bahamas sees mild growth in 2017, acceleration in 2018

"Economic conditions expected to strengthen mildly in 2017 and at more accelerated pace in 2018": Central Bank of The Bahamas

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Caribbean Airlines pays US$200,000 for 'cosmetic' website upgrade

Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines paid US$200,000 for a 'cosmetic' website upgrade, Caribbean Airlines Vice President Commercial (Ag) Sean Quong Sing told Parliament's 7th Public Joint Select Committee (JSC) Meeting on State Enterprises today.

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Back-to-back motions on failed management of economy in House, Senate

There will be back to back motions in the Senate and the House of Representatives in Parliament tomorrow and Wednesday, according to the Order Papers:

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Trinidad & Tobago rice plant for sale

Majority State-owned and publicly listed National Flour Mills Limited (NFM) is selling its rice plant at Carlsen Field through PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the Government said in a statement yesterday.

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Cayman Islands to conduct tsunami response exercise

This will be a drill.

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Moody's follows Standard & Poor's to downgrade Barbados

For Moody's full press release, visit:
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Stabroek News: Guyana's tenders board bypassed in GY$605m purchase from Trinidad company

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Where does Massy make most of its money?

Massy makes most of its money in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean, selling groceries and cars.

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Trinidad's airport runway to close daily between 11 pm and 5 am from March 12-19, 2017

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Tourism drives Aruba's net foreign assets up

In January 2017, money supply registered an increased by Afl. 38.8 million to Afl. 4,205.3 million, compared to December 2016, resulting from an expansion in the net foreign assets (+Afl. 58.7 million) and a contraction in the net domestic assets (-Afl. 19.8 million), the Centrale Bank van Aruba said in a statement yesterday.

"The increase in the net foreign assets of the banking sector resulted from net purchases of foreign exchange to the public (+Afl. 243.9 million), largely related to tourism receipts, which were partly counter-balanced by net sales of foreign exchange to the public (-Afl. 185.3 million), mainly associated with net payments for goods and other services," the Central Bank said.

The drop in the domestic component of the money supply was brought about by a contraction in both domestic credit (-Afl. 13.3 million) and non-credit related balance sheet items (-Afl. 6.5 million). The latter resulted mainly from an increase in allocated loan loss provisions and clearing transactions.

Domestic credit declined, as the results of decreases in net claims of the banking sector on the public sector (-Afl. 8.2 million) and claims on the private sector (-Afl. 5.1 million). The decrease in the net claims on the public sector was mainly due to an increase in government deposits (+Afl. 1 0.6 million). The contraction in claims on the private sector resulted from declines in consumer credit (-Afl. 3.6 million), loans to enterprises (-Afl. 0.8 million) and housing mortgages (-Afl. 0.8 million).