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Wednesday, April 26 2017 @ 07:53 AM AST

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Ninja Turtles, X-men rule Trinidad and Tobago cinemas

Quick movie reviews

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Media Relations: Wait to see what the reporter writes then make your shareholders pay

It seems to be strategy, especially by state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to ignore media questions to see what the reporter will write, and then make shareholders pay via press advertisement to explain what could have been explained for free.

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Media Relations: How limiting yourself to windows of transparency will work against you

If an organisation chooses to limit its interaction with the media to fixed periodical periods and take no direct questions, it will be clear that organisation does not see transparency and accountability as part of its
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Anne of Green Gables - summary of chapter 1

In chapter 1 of the exciting novel, Anne of Green Gables, we are introduced to four characters: Mrs. Rachel Lynde, her husband Thomas Lynde, and the siblings Marilla and Matthew Curthbert, who reside at Green Gables.
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Fictional Stories: The Magic Fish

"Oh no," muttered Lisa, as she felt her grandmother's forehead, "It's back." Her grandmother yawned and said, "What? The fever?" Lisa nodded grimly. Her grandmother, or Granma Rose as she was called, had been sick with a strange illness that seemed to come and go. It was strange because Granma Rose, who was a retired nurse, couldn't identify it. They couldn't see a doctor because the nearest health unit was miles away and they had no car. If they walked, they would have to pass through the Maroko forest, which was teeming with snakes.