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Wednesday, July 26 2017 @ 08:31 PM AST

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49 turtles returned to the sea in Bermuda

SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

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All eyez on me flops in Trinidad

SCORE: 6/10
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Cuba's official response to President Trump's announcements yesterday

Statement by the Revolutionary Government

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- Get on board

- Sign deal

- Announce signing of deal that would benefit people in xyz way so that people would focus on their xyz and no one would ask how the deal came about

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Trinidad & Tobago schools re-open September 4

School Terms:

Term I - 4th September, 2017 to 15th December, 2017 : 15 weeks

Term II - 8th January, 2018 to 29th March, 2018 : 12 weeks

Term III - 16th April, 2018 to 6th July, 2018 : 12 weeks