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Tuesday, June 27 2017 @ 01:10 PM AST

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How to teach a child empathy

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Jack Warner elected a lawmaker in Trinidad & Tobago

Jack Warner (above centre) has been democratically elected to become one of Trinidad and Tobago's lawmakers as a member of its Parliament. As a Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Warner will become the country's only independent MP democratically elected in a resounding victory on July 29, 2013 at around 10 pm. Jack Warner won by more than double the number of votes of his nearest rival.

Jack Warner's name has been associated with distance from his former party the United National Congress (UNC) of which he was a supporter and activist since the years of former prime minister Basdeo Panday, the first time the UNC held power. The UNC has, however, been not only distancing itself from him since a report on CONCACAF - the regional football governing body of which Jack was the boss - came out, but the UNC has also been throwing stones attempting to embarrass Jack and get its own candidate, Khadijah Ameen into the parliamentary seat.

In his victory speech, Warner said the voice of the people is the voice of God. It remains unclear if Ameen gave a concession speech. The prime minister of the country, Kamla Persad-Bissessar had been strongly supporting Ameen's bid to become the next MP for Chaguanas West.

"It was not easy," Warner said in his victory speech. He said he had to wonder if there was a new Prado company in Chaguanas because he saw so many black Prados. Black Toyota Prados are the part of the government fleet of vehicles most used by government ministers.

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Jack Warner's re-election historic to Trinidad

Austin "Jack" Warner, better known as Jack Warner was re-elected in a historic victory to Trinidad but not so much to Tobago. He has become the first ever in the history of the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to be democratically elected as an independent, defeating the two major political parties, the ruling United National Congress through the People's Partnership coalition government and the official opposition party, the People's National Movement.

Jack Warner's victory proves that one man can defeat both of the political parties in a bye election. Of course, it helps if that one man has Jack Warner's budget.

Warner's re-election also renders race irrelevant in modern political debates. It makes Chaguanas West now a marginal seat and no longer a UNC safe seat as it had been for decades.

It raises the question, exactly how popular is Jack Warner in Trinidad and Tobago? Could he aspire to become prime minister?

These are all the questions the government and the opposition are hoping Trinidad and Tobago nationals are not asking themselves. The PNM, though it may take comfort in the creation of a new marginal seat, should also be concerned because Jack Warner's popularity may not be confined to Chaguanas West.

Will the ILP rise as a third party to contest the next general elections?

Jack Warner won the Chaguanas West bye election today with more than double the amount of votes of his closest rival. "It was not easy," he said during his victory speech at about 9:40 pm Trinidad time. Once a favourite of the prime minister, the government of the ruling People's Partnership government has distanced itself from Warner amidst corruption allegations relating to CONCACAF, the regional football body he once ruled. The United National Congress, from which Warner resigned as Chairman presented a different candidate who Warner said was handpicked by "the cabal" of the UNC, long before party screening. Warner only left and run for elections independently when he was not picked by the UNC as its candidate for the seat.

Jack Warner is internationally known as a former FIFA vice president. He has been on the cover of The Economist and other international magazines and publications.
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EURUSD forecast

It is my forecast that the Euro US dollar currency pair (EURUSD) will fall on the forex market. I placed a sell order at 1.3077 to exit at 1.2977. An update will be provided right here on how accurate this forecast was. Please return in 24 hours to check.
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Local artist to exhibit in Barbados

Ascending and Descending - Exhibition of 30 paintings in the Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, Barbados by local artist Erik Feely from April 7 to 30, 2013. Comments by the artist are below.