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Friday, August 18 2017 @ 02:42 AM AST

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Media Relations: Transparency works best


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How to stop procrastinating

Stopping procrastinating is easy. Human beings have only four options when it comes to making decisions. I call them the four Ds.

We can either delete, delay, delegate or do. Give yourself 60 seconds (1 minute). Time it with a stopwatch to for more dramatic effect, with a minute glass - you can get these from board games like chess and dictionary.

In 60 seconds, you must delete the task, delay it responsibly, delegate it to someone else or do it. Tell yourself you trust God or your Guardian Angel to help you make the right decision in that time.

Some people will tell you take five minutes depending on the decision. Granted we don't al have the same intellectual capacity, you can make small concessions but make sure it never goes into more than an hour. If you like, you can make the decision in an hour and delay its execution for the next day, but the key is to fix a time and stick to it.

There is no other way.

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Media Relations: How smartphones are (not) helping people in media relations

An easy way to get media coverage is to send out the speech immediately after it's delivered; not hours after; not a day after; immediately after.

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Media Relations: Should I refute false statements?

Yes, false statements should be refuted. This is how one company refuted what it said were false statements.

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The Nut Job movie review