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Sunday, June 25 2017 @ 11:38 PM AST

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Why he/she didn't call/respond to your call for Crhistmas

Wondering why he/she didn't call/return your call for Christmas?

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Rogue One, Sing, Befikre, Assassin's Creed - quick movie reviews


It was cool in an X-men kind of way, which means if you're intelligent, you won't like this movie. If you just want some mindless entertainment though, it's your flick. The story is really lame and it ends with room for a sequel.

The bad guy gets killed by the star. The bad guy happens to be the hot scientist's father, of course.

In the end, the main assassin retakes the apple and jumps off another building. (Somehow he miraculously survives jumping off all these really high buildings.) He lets the bad guy's daughter live though. He will probably hook up with her in the sequel and if they really want to add some James Bond flare, they will bring back to life Aguilar's GF and have some steamy medieval scenes on the cathedral rooftop... oooh.


It was OK. It ends with Nana Noodleman buying the theatre and saving the day after, as expected a redemptive performance.


This movie was surprisingly interesting. "Ne dis jamais je t'aime" may very well become a classic song as it mixes French and Hindi in a very beautiful melody.

The movie is also a good reflection of a changing, young Indian society, and certainly introduces hip Indian music the world has not heard much of.

It offers some interesting lessons like the advice to be friends first, as the parties would be more accepting of each other's flaws, if/when they end up in a relationship.

The characters also wise up and mature in the end - recognizing the uselessness of a life of promiscuity.

The end is predictable though. The two get married. It's a pity they had to do the "I dare you thing" though. Some crimes were committed in the movie as well though. They break into a store and steal some underwear. It may be funny but it's still robbery, still a crime and not cool.

The ending is deeply romantic as the two jump into the sea in a warm embrace and kiss, but 'do not try that at home' because somebody could end up drowning, crashing etc. Remember, it's just a movie.

Indian movies, which I only started watching since I took this job to review movies, continue to impress.

Befikre has a lot of casual sex though, and portrays sluttiness as part of modern life - which I'm not sure is true. It's just sluttiness.

The attempt to do the time jump thing where you start in the end and mix up the middle and the start didn't work too well. The movie ends with the happily ever after and never closed off the stand up comic role.

Anyway, so this is supposed to be a short review, so that's it. I would say it was OK but don't hold me to that. Maybe my expectations were so low, based on the trailer, that this movie was actually average and so I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.

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Why it's not very smart to call people stupid

It's not very smart to call people stupid for two simple reasons:

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie review

Completely contrary to krishendathgokoo's quick review of this movie, I think Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was an incredible movie. I hope this review will encourage all the readers who were deterred from watching this movie (by krishendath and others) to give it a try.

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Lion (short moview review) Moana (short movie review)


This is a very interesting Indian movie for the most part. English comes late in the movie. It is a great story with a surprisingly happy ending, except for Guddu, the beloved brother who dies in the end.

A key omission from the movie is also how Guddu must have been deprecated by his mother for losing Saroo, whose real name, it turns out was Sheru.

From the money-making perspective, which probably weighed heavily on the decision to make this move, given the West's discovery of the lucrative Indian movie market, 'Guddu', makes for an excellent sequel.

Everyone else hugs and kisses in the end and the orphan or lost boy finds his original family, and everything appears all rosy and sweet.

It draws attention to a number of issues including how a child's past haunts the child long, long after it's over.

It also draws attention to the fact that there are some truly heroic, saintly people in the world, like the Australian parents who adopted Saroo and his brother.