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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:50 PM AST

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1591. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority warns against pooling money ...
Are people remitting money illegally?

1592. The Bahamas slashes expenditure as revenue slashed too

1593. Curaçao to borrow NAf60m ~US$33.5 million
NAf 60,000,000 bond with duration of 30 years. Interest rate is based on the Dutch yield curve as of November 22, 2017.

1594. Trinidad & Tobago Govt promises to bring Revenue ...
Legislation is expected to be brought before Parliament just before the Christmas break around December 15, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said on CNC3

1595. Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis, St ...
Local Trinidad and Tobago authorities say they're unable to read the report in Spanish and declined comment (no joke), although the comment required was really only on one page and it's difficult to imagine them being unable to translate 'Trinidad y Tobago' to 'Trinidad and Tobago'. Anyway, it was said ...

1596. Central Bank of Aruba profit more than tripled ...

1597. Sagicor half-year profit up 21%
Like Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL) in the Caribbean, the insurer net more premiums (sold more insurance) than last year.

1598. More Aruba businesses now expecting growth

1599. Tax hike on banks unfortunate, bankers say
The hike in taxes singling out commercial banks was unfortunate, bankers said through its association vice president Nigel Baptiste, Republic Financial Holdings managing director.

1600. Owl Finance pays back over US$26 million to ...
Owl Finance Limited announced in the Cayman Islands Tuesday it redeemed over US$26 million in bonds.

1601. Moody's: Hurricane Irma negatively affects Caribbean infrastructure concessions
Between 6 and 8 September, Hurricane Irma caused material damage to infrastructure in the Caribbean, but credit-negative effects vary across islands, Moody's Investors Service noted today in its Credit Outlook.

1602. The Bahamas: No relaxation of lending guidelines necessary ...
The Central Bank of The Bahamas yesterday advised that in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma no general relaxation is being made to existing guidelines on lending to the private sector.

1603. TIC aims for 6% more exhibitors in 2018
TIC aims for 6% more exhibitors in 2018

1604. $12.6m in flood relief for farmers
During a cheque distribution ceremony at the Ministry of Agriculture head office in Chaguanas, government gave out the first 22 of 713 cheques totaling $12.6 million allocated for flood relief for farmers and fisher folk yesterday (Oct. 27).

1605. David Abdulah on trade union contracting workers for ...
Abdulah on trade union supplying workers for Govt seabridge: OWTU would never sub-contract workers to Petrotrin

1606. First Citizens forecasts Central Bank US$ reserves will ...
Let TT dollar weaken or worse to come, say analysts, economists

1607. Gopee-Scoon: $3 billion in new local investments by ... Hadco ice cream factory, another distribution centre, construction projects

1608. Maduro expects to visit Trinidad & Tobago soon

1609. Party promoter, herb planter win big at chamber ...
Party promoter, herb planter win big at chamber awards

1610. Govts 'finally see conclusion' to Loran-Manatee
After more than a decade mired in agreements and negotiations, the governments of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago are ready to move on cross-border gas fields Loran and Manatee, just south of the producing BP Juniper platform offshore the south east coast of Trinidad.

1611. ICATT panel: Revitalise venture capital, let SMEs pay ...
Government needs to revitalise venture capital, and give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the once-promised reduced tax rate of 10 per cent (as opposed to the 25 per cent now), accountants and economists concurred at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of T&T (ICATT) annual conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel ...